Malaysia’s First

Cell Rejuvenation Postnatal Confinement Centre

Malaysia's First

Cell Rejuvenation Postnatal Confinement Centre

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Award-Winning Luxury Confinement Centre

Why Us?

All services conduct by professionals and are ready to serve

In House Doctor and Paeditrician on standby

Customized and balanced nutritious confinement meal provided and pork-free

With more than 1,000 mommy and baby care experience

One and only confinement centre that provide comprehensive blood screening service

One and only confinement centre that provide sheep placenta for speedy recovery

One and only confinement centre to have nutritious team standby to help mommies on their diet plan after 28 days of confinement

Our Services

What We Provide

Professional Confinement Care 
  • Dedicated 24-hour care is provided by highly skilled, compassionate registered nurses to you and your newborn to ensure that you are both in the best possible physical and emotional health
Nursing Care
  • We provide full care, including daily clothing for the baby, daily disposable diapers, daily monitoring of the baby's input and output, daily baby stomach oil and daily baby skincare, daily baby jaundce check and if needed we will provide phototherapy treatment for baby who are high jaundice
Learning and Exercise Programs
  • To make your confinement as enjoyable and productive as possible, we organise a variety of fun and educational activities
  • We provide baby bathing, baby CPR classes to make sure mommy and daddy are ready to go home
Baby Room
  • Our baby room is not only spacious and comfortable, but it also has 24-hour staff care to ensure a safe, comfortable, and conducive environment for your baby
Comfortable Facilities Area
  • We have a few dining and relaxation areas where moms can socialise and share their motherhood experiences

Our Confinement Packages includes:

Exclusive Health Assessment

Consultation from Nutritious Team during or after your confinement

Prenatal Class Session for those Signed-Up to attend 1 or 2 months before their delivery date

ZÉLL-V Placenta Nutrition Package helps postpartum woman for speedy recovery

Kimporo offers daily meals (breakfast, lunch, hitea, dinner and supper) that includes variety of well balanced diet dishes and 1 tonic soup to assist mothers on reduce swelling, get rid of lochia, improve blood circulation, and prevent illness after giving birth.

Room Types

Star Suites

Star Plus Suites

Gold Suites

VIP suites (Room 606)

VIP suites (Room 808)

Where New Life Begins

About Kimporo

Kimporo is a one-stop postpartum rejuvenation centre located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a team of professionals consisting of doctors, nurses and nutritionists to provide mommy and baby the most comprehensive and evidence-based postnatal care during the confinement period.

Since our establishment, we have cared for more than 1,000 mothers and babies, providing them with evidence-based confinement services, such as nutritional meals and postpartum rejuvenati. Rest assured that you and your precious one would be receiving the best postpartum care possible at Kimporo. In fact, we are honoured to have hosted numerous celebrities, athletes and business personalities throughout the years.

The holistic after birth care that we provide enables mothers to regain their pre-pregnancy strength and shape in no time. Furthermore, you will experience a whole new you after delivery and give your newborn a head start in life.

Happy Mommy, Happy Moments


Great shout out to Kimporo for providing top notch care services for postpartum mummies and new babies!

I had a really pleasant stay there, knowing my baby is in the good hands of the professional nursing team headed by Ms Lim. They have so much experience that even 2nd time mummy like myself could gain much from. Apart from that, I feel truly pampered throughout my stay with x6 nutritious meals being served on a daily basis, tonic soup, housekeeping service, daily herbal bath, hair wash, postnatal massage etc. Special thanks to Cambree, Kayak, Winnie and Ms Lim for taking good care of our family.

To all mummies out there, if you are looking for a conducive confinement place to recuperate, I would highly recommend Kimporo!

Yong Syen

Highly recommend the confinement center especially for first time mummies. I enjoyed my stay of 28 days in Kimporo with peace of mind. The room was spacious and tidy.

Housekeeping was provided every day. The confinement meals were amazing. We were allowed to choose our own choice in the menu throughout the entire stay. Professional nursing team had performed excellently in taking care of babies. Lactation consultant provided good guidance on mummy breastfeeding and checked on mummy condition to ensure that the body needs, physically and mentally repair process. Visitors were not allowed to visit during pandemic to minimize the risk of getting covid-19 or other variants for postnatal mothers and newborns.

Yu Zhang

Highly recommend Kimporo in KL! They have a professional in-house nursing team (equipped with excellent breastfeeding knowledge) and extremely supportive customer care consultants. It was one month of a stress-free period for new parents as there are many educational lessons conducted and you are fully guided to take care of your baby. It is also a great option for parents with toddler, they allow husband and their (below 5 years old toddler) to stay together. The most important thing is they have a strict SOP for Covid at this time, it is comforting to know that you are well taken care of!!


在Kimporo月子中心坐月子不止舒服和安心,让我这个新手妈妈学习到了怎么样照顾和护理宝宝。感谢这里的护士帮忙照顾宝宝,也会在妈妈需要帮助的时候给予协助。另外也要特别感谢护士长Miss Lim每天都细心检查和汇报宝宝的情况,关心妈妈的伤口和精神状态,也很耐心回答新手妈妈所面对的问题。这里每天都准时送上餐点,房间每天都有kakak帮忙打扫清理。Kimporo的环境舒适,让我可以好好的在这里休息调养身体,非常谢谢Kimporo。

Shimin 诗敏


Selena Chong


Nursing team护士长Ms Lim每天会来报告宝宝的状况,关心妈妈伤口。出月子了也会问候宝宝,爸妈能不能习惯,照顾得怎样等等。出月子了半夜call Ms Lim也会接电话,教妈妈怎么做,还帮忙安排好医生。安慰好妈妈情绪,也帮助了我的亲喂路程好顺利,都没有塞奶。护士们很好,很有礼貌,有求必应。刚开始由于是新手妈妈非常不放心宝宝,后来慢慢观察其实护士都有用心照顾,宝宝没有红屁股,也睡得安稳。最满意的是带宝宝复诊前护士都会准备所需的文件妥妥当当,宝宝的衣服尿片奶等等,不需要烦恼。让人感觉很安心,也得到像妈妈给予的关心,谢谢Ms Lim。

Jasmine Yip

Level 6, 7 & 8, Menara Ruyi
No. 30A, Lorong Kapar Jalan 2/87G
Off Jalan Syed Putra, Taman Seputeh
58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • Not entitle for miscarriage refund 
  • Start from 1 May 2023 until 30 June 2023
  • Draw on 1 July 2023



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